To the teachers, sponsors, mentors, programs, and school

Each one of us is extremely grateful for those who made the 2020 VEX season possible, even though it may be different than usual. We would like to thank each person or group who gave us such an amazing opportunity. 


Thank you, Ms. Sung, our THS Robotics coach, for supervising all of our teams and taking your own time to do so. Your positivity and driven personality really drove us to do our best even when most of us aren't even in school yet. We really rely on you and the team wouldn't have been possible without you.


Thank you Coach Williams for making this season possible. Even with such a busy schedule, you still take the time to help and support each one of us so we could be at our best. Even during Covid, you were a big player in the TUSD summer program and gave one of our team members the opportunity to learn how to CAD along with the Beckman High School and College volunteers. You have no idea how much impact you've made on so many students, and we'll be forever thankful for all the opportunities you've given.  


Thank you to the TUSD Robotics Program for providing quality seasons time and time again. Even during a pandemic, the TUSD Robotics Program persevered and created a season that can keep the robotics community occupied throughout the year. Anyone working or volunteering to help in the TUSD Robotics Program simply represents the tenacity and passion of robotics. Once again, thank you so much!


Lastly, thank you Tustin High School. We are so grateful for all the funding and support the school has given to us, and we promise to work our hardest for your investments. Because of you, we are able to participate in such an amazing program, and we're so grateful for that.